Frequently Asked Questions

Sunset Resort Rentals is dedicated to providing you with quality vacation rental packages and excellent customer service.  You may find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for here, please feel free to contact us for assistance.  

Q: What happens if I cannot use my reservation due to illness?
A:  All reservations are subject to the same cancelation policy. If you cannot make the trip due to an illness, and you have not purchased the optional travel insurance on your vacation, then you will be subject to the terms of cancelation listed in our policies.
Q: Can I sell my vacation package to a friend or family member?
A:  Yes. After you let us know of your intention in writing, the new holder of the package needs to contact us at (850) 665-7889 with your reservation number. All remaining payments due will be billed to the new Reservation Holder. You may not transfer the reservation without notifying Sunset Resort Rentals. The Reservation Holder on file must reside in the property for the duration of the reservation.

Changing the Reservation
Q: Can I change my reservation to a closer date?
A:  Yes. As long as your new reservation is of equal or higher value, then you may move your reservation a closer date. The new reservation may not be of lesser value.
Q: Can I change my reservation to a later date?
A:  No.  Moving the reservation to a later date will be similar to canceling the reservation, and will be subject to the same cancelation fees.
Q: Can I change my reservation to a shorter time period?
A:  No. Once a time period is reserved, the reservation may not be reduced to a shorter period of time. Reducing the time period of a reservation will be similar to reducing the value of the reservation, therefore will not be allowed. The guest may vacate at any time prior to the scheduled Check Out date and time, however a refund will not be issued for unused time.
Q: Can I change my reservation to a longer time period?
A:  Yes. At any time, additional days may be added to an existing reservation as long as the days are available and the additional days fall into the mandatory reservation schedule (ie: Summer requirements). Once extra days have been added to the reservation, an additional deposit may be required and the days may not be removed. The entire reservation, including the newly-added dates, will be subject to the cancelation policy.
Q: Can I change my reservation to a smaller property?
A:  No. Unless the smaller property is of equal or more in value than the original reserved property. Reservations may not be reduced in value.
Q: Can I change my reservation to a larger property?
A:  Yes. As long as the larger property is of equal or more value than the original reserved property.

Checking In / Arrival
Q: How do I check into my room?
A:  Your Check In Packet will be emailed to you at the email address on file approximately 10 days before arrival. If you have not received the packet of information by email as of a week before arrival, please call (850) 665-7889 for assistance. The packet will not be mailed until the order is paid in full. Neither security guards nor front desk personnel will be able to assist you with checking in. You must print the packet and have it with you upon arrival.
Q: Can I check in early if I arrive before my scheduled Check In time?
A:  No. Due to the scheduling of maintenance, housekeeping, and generated door codes between guests, we ask that you please follow the Check In time listed on your Check In Packet.
Q: Can I arrange for an early Check In?
A:  Yes. However, due to the nature of maintenance and housekeeping, we may be limited to who we allow to schedule an early arrival time. Early Check In requests must be received at least 1 week prior to arrival, and will only be honored if the request is accepted. You will be notified in writing if your request is accepted. Please understand that even if we do schedule an early Check In time, unforeseen circumstances may prevent the early Check In upon arrival.

Q: What is considered damage?
A:  Normal wear and tear is not considered damage. Just like any home, there may be small marks or scratches on items in the property. We give every guest the opportunity to report other types of pre-existing damage or needed repairs within 24 hours of arrival. Reporting normal wear and tear is not required, and you will not be charged for such items unless it is considered excessive or intentional. Any reports of needed maintenance are appreciated, as we maintain a list of needs and attempt to address them at the earliest opportunity. Please help us keep our properties as nice as possible at all times by respecting the contents as you would your own.

Q: Can I smoke on the balcony?
A:  In most resorts, smoking on the balcony is permitted. Please be considerate of others on balconies around you, as the smoke may travel to other balconies. It is most considerate to smoke only on ground levels in areas away from other vacationers. (Resort Rules will be posted in conspicuous areas, and must be followed by all guests). Any smell of smoke that has entered the property through an open door or by other means of transfer will result in a damage charge directly related to the restoration of the property. Removal of odors can be costly due to the permeation of odors in fabrics, carpet, and walls.


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